10 Steps for Planning a Blog or a Party

Here are 10 proven steps for planning your next blog (or party).  Have fun with both!

  1. Define your audience = Decide who to invite
  2. Choose a blog descriptive name = Decide on a theme
  3. Target keywords that mean something to your audience = Think about what attendees have in common
  4. Think about the timing and frequency of posts = Plan a date and time when guests can attend
  5. Link to blog from profiles, descriptions, signatures = Send out invitations so people know about the party
  6. Use keywords and descriptive, compelling titles = Provide directions so guests can find the party
  7. Plan what your content will cover = Check to see what ingredients you have
  8. Determine the tone = Decide if the setting is casual or formal
  9. Plan your calls to action, what to link to = Decide who your want your guests to meet
  10. Make it easy to share your blog and posts = Encourage guests to bring a guest (+1)




Integrating paid and natural search strategies

If you are responsible for paid or natural search, you should check out Bill Hunt’s backazimuth blog.  Bill has great insights on:

  • Rising % of paid ads with no corresponding natural search listings
  • Cost of not ranking
  • Buying branded terms that already rank #1 in natural search
  • Growing need for “keyword czars”

Check out these valuable insights for search marketing professionals.